An Invitation to PCP Pastors’ Wives

An Invitation to PCP Pastors’ Wives

Dear fellow pastors’ wives,

Greetings in the Name of our God who are so faithful to us ever since we started our Pastors’ Wives’ Fellowship. Most of us had experienced that for the past ten years. And to start for a new decade, we are so much privileged to have another conference to “fan into flame” our spiritual strength that is being stricken with so many trials in the ministry that sometimes wavers our determination to move on and serve God. I hope and pray that our Theme: “Ablaze God’s Calling” may help us rekindle our faith during our conference. So please come and let us put our strength together to overcome all those odds. The support and venue of this said conference is just the answer of our prayers after we met, planned and prayed for it by faith, Praise God for that! So then, it will be on April 13-15,2010 at EG Camp, Rhodora Resort, Bucal, Silang, Cavite. Registration fee is 300ph/head(that is 600/couple). An additional 150ph each for kids who will be coming with you.

Please don’t forget to bring blanket and towel with you.By the way, there will be an extension of one day for those who want to spend more time in prayer, fellowship and enjoyment but an additional 100ph for that day. I’m looking forward that you’ll come with your husbands and be blessed.

Your sister in Jesus,
Nida G. Adra PWF Chairwoman

Special Note: For more info please just contact me in these numbers; 826-13-66; 799-47-78; 09224615944.Please join our special prayer time Mondays 9:00PM specifically for our conference. Pray for the speakers, program, finances for those who will come(fare and registration fee), good weather, good health for the members of our families who will be left behind, success of our conference, spiritual preparation for each one of us as we attend the said event,safety for our trip and our availability. Please mark those dates on your calendar. God bless you all!

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