The Origin and Foundation of Human Dignity

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Is Human Dignity Earned or Is Human Dignity a Gift?


WRF Member Dr. Thomas Johnson

In complicated suspicion one finds dual forms of answers to because tellurian life is valuable; some explain a grace of a chairman is warranted by some tellurian duty or ability while others explain that tellurian grace is a present given in a relationship. This is functionalism contra personalism. Functionalism in a varieties is widespread. It is used to urge abortion, infanticide, active euthanasia, and impassioned animal rights. In each case, a chairman contingency denote certain abilities or functions to acquire a standing of personhood in a eyes of society. If one fails to acquire a standing of personhood, one’s life is not to be stable by society. For some-more on this subject, see a essay next that was created by WRF member Dr. Thomas Johnson.  In further to his membership in a World Reformed Fellowship, Dr. Johnson is a tellurian rights theorist, dignified philosopher, and devout theologian. After training in several institutions in Europe and a US, he became Special Envoy to a Vatican from a World Evangelical Alliance, as good portion a as a comparison confidant for a WEA Theological Commission, International Institute for Religious Freedom, and Society of Christian Scholars.

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