Why One PCA Pastor/Delegate Voted AGAINST a Nashville Statement during a Recent PCA General Assembly

[Note: The object subsequent expresses a views of a particular named as a author and does not indispensably simulate a position of a WRF as a whole.]

Saying ‘No Thanks’ to a Nashville Statement

PCA Pastor David Cassidy [NOTE: The PCA is a denominational member of a WRF]

[NOTE:  “The Nashvile Statement” was drafted in late Aug 2017, during a annual discussion of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, during the Gaylord Opryland Resort Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The matter was published online on Aug 29, 2017.It was sealed by some-more than 150 devout Christian leaders. The Statement expresses support for an opposite-sex clarification of marriage, for fidelity within marriage, for purity outward marriage, and for a integrate between biological sex and “self-conception as masculine and female.” At a 2019 General Assembly in Dallas, Texas, a Presbyterian Church in America, a denominational member of a World Reformed Fellowship, by a opinion of c. 800 to c. 500, dynamic to demonstrate support for this Statement. Below is a response of one PCA priest who was among a 500.  Responses from those who were among a 800 – and from all other WRF members – are welcome.


When we initial non-stop a Nashville Statement roughly 3 years ago we did so with carefree expectation. Given a lofty repute of many of a document’s strange signers, we was assured that a extensive Statement would be offered, proof useful to many.

While many of what we review was really good, we was repelled by a Statement’s silence.

I immediately looked for a note of humility, acknowledging a church’s disaster to lovingly make Christ famous in a method to LGBTQ people, mostly enchanting privately and as congregations in behaviors that were demeaning. Beginning with plea for a record in one’s possess eye before move to understanding with a retinal issues of others is, after all, typically a correct place for Christians to start. we searched and looked for it, and there it wasn’t.


I know Christians like my crony John Freeman of Philadelphia who served a ill with sacrificial friendship and love. There were distant some-more Christians, however, who abandoned a AIDS predicament in a 1980s and promulgated a perspective that AIDS was a proceed visualisation of God on homosexuals (I theory they never visited Africa where a illness was decimating a loyal and Christian race too). There have been many who’ve told heart-sick immature Christians that if they usually had adequate faith they’d stop carrying same-sex desires, gift to them a sorcery wand proceed to windfall rather than a typical means of beauty for ‘a prolonged tractability in a same direction’ as partial a village of understanding friends and family who know themselves to be corrupted saints as well.

The Statement didn’t even offer a note of reparation for being a place where, during a other finish of a spectrum, falsehoods like a training of Matthew Vines could take root, ensuing in a fake Gospel gift to those who need a authentic summary of Jesus in all of a splendor.


These violent behaviors continue today. Recent Tennessee news accounts unprotected a Sheriff who also worked as a Pastor and preached that homosexual people should be executed. That’s simply a new story demonstrating an confirmed opinion that shocks nothing of us who caring for people who have faith in Christ while waking adult daily with desires for those of a same sex rather than a conflicting sex.


Not usually that, though what about a abuse of children, a passionate nuisance and abuse of women, and a porn disease in a Evangelical Church? Any pretty well-informed chairman knows these are forever larger threats to a piety and testimony of a Church than any miss of clarity on Biblical training concerning tellurian sexuality.


I’ve been a Pastor for forty years and served people who are same-sex captivated in each assemblage I’ve led. I’ve attempted to offer their families too. When we disregard LGBTQ people we send a vigilance of disregard to those who adore them, revelation them that those they caring for are undeserved of adore and offer rendezvous with a Christian Church. Bringing a Gospel in adore to all and caring for all is a initial and many joyous charge as believers in Jesus. The trail of truth-telling in a suggestion of low regard that starts with deeper listening is not easy, though it is necessary.

In my new summary during General Assembly, we quoted from a book ‘UnChristian: What a Next Generation Thinks of Christianity’, by Gabe Lyon and Dave Kinnamon. Here is that quote: “The singular many famous thing about Christians currently in a wider enlightenment is that we are anti-gay bigots. ‘The astringency of a notice astounded us…out of 20 attributes we assessed, both certain and negative, as they associated to Christianity…being antihomosexual was during a tip of a list…not antithesis to happy politics or behaviors though DISDAIN FOR…individuals has turn probably synonymous with Christian Faith.’”

Please note that we Evangelicals are known, not for a summary about Jesus, though for our disdain for individuals. Unfair? Perhaps. But maybe it’s a word that should be heard, a warning to heed. Contempt for persons is a repute we contingency find to disown, discard, and idle where possible.

Evangelicals are ‘burying a lead’ with a mania about vocalization NOT to move clarity and gift on such matters to a congregations we serve, though to make transparent a position ‘to a world’. The former is a rural responsibility; a latter is a enlightenment fight plan – and it is a failure. The ‘world’, if we didn’t know it already, is ideally transparent about what Evangelicals consider on a emanate of homosexuality. They are extravagantly misleading about either or not we adore people.

Disdain for people – ANY people – is a heretical, Gospel denying approach of life. If that is loyal of us, any of us, afterwards we’d improved get bustling repenting and repair that problem before we contend one some-more word ‘to a world’ usually to make a position transparent clear.

Silence, in that case, would be welcome.

Of course, some will contend that Evangelicals can't be supposed as anything other than haters unless we yield to a informative accord and desert a beliefs. That’s not an choice for us, whatever might come. We will be hated by some and indicted of loathing as good for not surrendering a views on tellurian sexuality. Jesus desired ideally and was ideally hated in return. Love, even ideal adore – that nothing though Christ can uncover – will not be adequate to prove some. We must, however, make each bid to, in a difference of David Brooks, ‘love a curved neighbors with all a curved hearts.’

The Gauntlet

In a Spring of 1979, we was a Freshman during a University of Evansville in southern Indiana. A notice was given that for a initial time a organisation of Gay Students would reason an central assembly on campus; we felt we should go to share a Gospel with them if we was available to do so. we asked others to go with me, though everybody we asked replied, ‘No, though we’ll urge for we if we go.”

A gossip began to widespread that a organisation of football players was going to form a gauntlet by that those attending a assembly would have to pass, a story we discharged as ludicrous. we was wrong. When we arrived, there was a gauntlet, during slightest thirty strong, all men, prepared to play written abuse during all who upheld by it. No confidence changed them away.

I went by that gauntlet and had squabble during me a same abuse a Gay students and their expertise confidant received. It was awful. It was done worse since we knew some of a people in that gauntlet were professing Christians.

I walked a gauntlet of contrition and I’ve never lost what it felt like. I’ve never lost what it felt like to share Christ with a organisation of people that night who were fearful. They courteously gave me a building and we gift Jesus to them, praying after that night with a integrate of students who attended.

The subsequent day a tyro paper ran a story that a Christian had come to a assembly to broadcast a acceptance of homosexuals to Jesus. My Christian friends were insane during me… they suspicion I’d compromised a message. If we tell a law about Jesus we infrequently finish adult scorned by both sides of a divide. we hadn’t compromised a message, solely perhaps, as we fear is so mostly a case, we didn’t contend radically adequate how kindly and plainly Jesus receives sinners. I’m still vacant he perceived me.

The commercial of law and beauty in Jesus should start with an acknowledgment in open statements of a possess sin, a possess failures, and a possess enterprise to promulgate a law in love.

The Nashville Statement is tongue-tied when it comes to a possess repentance.

For that reason alone, we could not pointer it.

We have work to do and overpower on a Gospel and a plea isn’t an option.


To see a essay in a strange context, see http://pastordavidcassidy.com/saying-no-thanks-to-the-nashville-statement-part-two/?fbclid=IwAR0dPjikecAa3bNn-Q1hg6XaINBy51IIdv2W7q_L6tNDGxkBOZUEDc4Xxlw







Article source: http://wrfnet.org/articles/2019/07/why-one-pca-pastordelegate-voted-against-nashville-statement-recent-pca-general

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