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ECO Synod Council Update

Greetings, ECO brothers and sisters,

I wish we are enjoying your summer and all that God is doing in your lives and your churches. The Synod Executive Council meets a handful of times during a year, and we am going to be giving unchanging updates on what we are deliberating together. As we know, a SEC is a deeply committed organisation of ECO leaders done adult of organisation and women, both preaching and elders, who come from a extended operation of church sizes and ethnicities. Each of us adore Jesus and this movement, and we are operative prayerfully to see a ECO dream turn a reality.

We final met in late spring, and subsequent are some of a vital bulletin items, that embody both tangible decisions that need to be done as good as incomparable questions that need continual processing.  

The infancy of a time was spent operative on our ECO vision that we initial listened about during a 2019 National Gathering. We have been drilling in on this prophesy over a past few years together, and a good volume of time was spent last what a subsequent 5 years need to demeanour like in sequence to keep us on lane for a 10 year vision. Here is where we landed.

In 5 years we wish to be during a place where we are saying a following function any year:

* 50 new churches commencement any year. These churches will have denominational support and in-kind appropriation that will assistance to birth these new communities with burden and connection.  

* 100 pastors enchanting in training communities. Currently we have a commander organisation for immature pastors in their initial call to accept support, mentoring and coaching.  We are also ancillary a training village by a Church Transformation Cohort. We are training a good understanding from these communities.

* 200 rising leaders entering a pipeline through one or some-more of these 3 avenues: our Gordon Conwell Seminary Partnership, a Ordination Track, or Residency Programs in internal ECO churches.

* 1000 lay leaders being formed. These leaders would be shaped by ECO programs such as a Commissioned Lay Pastor training, or as partial of care groups in their internal churches regulating a Flourishing Disciples curriculum, a Church Transformation Cohort program, or other care growth tracks.

If a enterprise is to accommodate these goals 5 years from now, afterwards in a subsequent dual to 3 years we will need to build a systems, find a staff, and build a financial ability to furnish these results. To that end, we have certified a Synod Executive to expel a vision, lay a grounds for a initiatives, and start lifting a required funds. You will be conference most some-more about these goals in a entrance months.  

Other critical equipment we addressed:  

* We perceived the report of a Theological Task Force on a denunciation for a Confessions we adopted in Jan 2018. The TTF was destined during a Synod public that year to move recommendations to a 2020 public for specific versions for a Confessions. 

* We discussed the purpose of a description in tellurian mission. As we grow as a denomination, there is a heightened need to cruise these relationships. Our end during this indicate is that we will maintain opposite forms of relations within a tellurian networks.  As members of a World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) and the World Reformed Fellowship (WRF), we are already in attribute with many denominations by these bodies. But also, a need might arise to have a approach attribute with a sold denomination. For example, ECO has been cultivating a attribute with a Brazilian Presbyterians over a series of years. That has resulted in church planting opportunities. Thus, we are exploring opposite forms of relations globally.

* Finally, we met with the Presbytery leaders. Here we had a event to share about a prophesy routine over a past few years. Together, we mapped out a subsequent stairs toward vital a prophesy in a description and presbyteries. This was a poignant time of discourse with a Presbytery leaders. We are beholden for a work they do to keep a description on track.

As we all ready to launch into a fall, a prayers are with we and all a ECO churches. God is doing poignant work in a midst, and we wish to follow where a Spirit leads. Let’s continue to tell stories and inspire one another to travel in step with Jesus. 


Warmly in Christ,


Rev. Jennifer Holz
President, ECO Synod Executive Council





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