An Excellent New Book by WRF Member Dr. Tim Trumper

Tim J. R. Trumper, Christianese or Christ? Jesus’ Timely Challenge of a Parable of a Sower (Grand Rapids, MI: Reaching America Ministries and From His Fullness Ministries, 2019). 254 pages; $9.99.

If we assume Jesus’ tale of a sower is though a tasteless conceivable story with a celestial meaning, consider again. Jesus doesn’t do bland!

Read in a context of a dominion of heaven, a Lord’s best-known tale offers a acquire tonic to true preachers and hearers of God’s Word currently and provides a acid analysis of a razzmatazz of a luminary enlightenment with a superiority of pseudo-Christianity.

In turn, Christianese or Christ?—in expounding a tale in a context—constitutes a tract for a times. It calls those of us who evangelise a Word to sale a poise for a biblical though unpopular philosophy of Christlike disciple-making, and those of us who hear a Word to contemplate a ways. After all, Jesus’ emperor explain to a lives comports with conjunction an authentic Christian’s malaise, nor a professing Christian’s informative “Christianity,” nor, indeed, with a non-Christian seductiveness in Christ as Savior though not as King.  

With a inlet of a Christianity and a strength of a Christian church during stake, Jesus’ tale of a sower merits personal and organisation study. It should lead us to aspiring request for a reconstruction of a persons, a pews, and a pulpits.

Of Christianese or Christ? veteran Welsh expositor, Rev. Geoff Thomas, D.D. writes: 

This is a glorious instance of a priesthood we love, systematic, expository, evangelistic preaching. This Welshman, Dr Timothy Trumper, stands in a period of preachers exemplified by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, but his method has been expanded by his possess penetrating mind, theological training, general experience, comfortable spirituality and a definitely contemporary inlet of his commercial of a Lord Jesus Christ. So equipped, he faces ideas and issues that congregations and pulpits have to face. There is most assistance here for a Christian and also for every priest as they are introduced to a good Sower who constantly goes onward sowing a seed of a word.

The book is accessible for squeeze during general Amazon outlets.

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