WEF Member Duncan Peters Provides a Translation of a Gospel of Luke For Work With Muslims

Holy Injil, Luke – A New Translation from a Original Greek Text with Commentary

The rarely successful 2017 book has been revised and softened and is now available.
Features include:

  • An introduction that encourages Muslims to review a Injil (New Testament), quoting from a Qur’an. 
  • A new interpretation of Luke from a strange Greek into Muslim jargon English, regulating eremite vernacular and names Muslims are informed with. 
  • Commentary provides useful Old Testament or informative background, attempts to understanding with problems a Muslim reader might confront as they review by Luke, explain biblical themes, and cross-references a Qur’an where it is useful to do so. 
  • Hard cover
  • Colour photos of really early New Testament manuscripts
  • 375 pages

Translation and explanation by Duncan Peters

RRP is £10.00 a copy. However, if we sequence direct,
One duplicate is £5.00 + £1.72 postage*
Five copies are £17.00 + £3.00 postage*

To UK. For abroad orders, opposite rates apply

To perspective on-line or to order, go to www.holyinjil.com 

Article source: http://wrfnet.org/articles/2020/01/wef-member-duncan-peters-provides-translation-gospel-luke-work-muslims

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