Worshipping Safely Together in a Time of Coronavirus

The summary next was sent to all WRF members on Mar 17, 2020.  It is also accessible as an connection to this item.

March 17, 2020

Colleagues in a World Reformed Fellowship:

These are severe times for scarcely all of us.  And one of a hurdles is associated to a compulsory or endorsed relinquishment of all gatherings of some-more than 10, 25 or 50 people.
Obviously, this impacts many ceremony services around a universe and, in doing so, it cuts many of us off from a unchanging time of corporate ceremony with a brothers and sisters.
The WRF would like to yield a probability which, while a really dark shade of “the genuine thing,” competence be a assistance and an support to those whose churches are influenced by these events.
Therefore, we are formulation to post on a website, each Friday, a list of those churches that have online ceremony services a following Lord’s Day.
We entice a congregational and denominational members of a WRF* that will offer such services to send us a required information no after than 12:00 noon Greenwich Mean Time on a suitable Friday. [See this couple to establish what time that is where we live – https://greenwichmeantime.com/ ].  {*This includes congregations that are partial of a description that is a member of a WRF even if a specific assemblage is not itself member.}
If we send us information, be certain to embody a following information:

  1. The time of your use – AGAIN USING GREENWICH MEAN TIME!
  2. The denunciation in that your use will be conducted
  3. The applicable denominational connection (if any) of your assemblage and a name and geographical location(s) of your congregation.
  4. The sequence of use for that sold Lord’s Day. This should embody a name of a preacher, a pretension of a sermon, a content for a sermon, inventory of any manageable readings, and a names of any hymns that competence be used. [This will assistance all of us who “tune in” indeed to WORSHIP with we rather than simply to listen to we as we worship.]
  5. A word or dual about a “kind” of ceremony employed in your congregation.  [Some possibilities – liturgical, contemporary, traditional, etc.]
  6. MOST IMPORTANT – how other WRF members around a universe competence join we in your worship. [This would be a internet couple to your “broadcast.”]

We apparently have never finished anything like this before and there competence be glitches as we work out a details.  But we do consider that it competence be another approach in that we can perform a goal “That a strengths of some competence turn a strengths of all in a use of Jesus Christ.”
Feel giveaway to send me your questions and concerns.
Sincerely in His grace,

Dr. Samuel Logan
Associate International Director
The World Reformed Fellowship

Article source: http://wrfnet.org/articles/2020/03/worshipping-safely-together-time-coronavirus

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