In a Day of Adversity, Consider!

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In a Day of Adversity, Consider!

Member of a WRF Board Pierre Berthoud

President of a Board and Professor Emeritus of Faculté Jean Calvin
Aix-en-Provence, FR

“In a day of wealth be joyful, and in a day of adversity consider/look (heb.). God has done a one as good as a other in such a approach that no one can find out what is to occur next.” Ecclesiastes 7:14.


 Admittedly, we have all underestimated a frightening potency and a intensely fast widespread of a coronavirus within a populations of a world, in sold in a West, in Europe and in France. Our systematic experts as good as a health and domestic authorities have been to a vast grade restored in holding belated transformation opposite a widespread and by not holding amply into comment a believe of some of a Asian democracies where  authorities and populations were good prepared and versed to face such a plague.

However, in a universe where immorality is a energetic force, supervision contingency commend a harmful thrust. Without that confirmation of a virus-like ability of immorality to climb maliciously into a heart of a city, supervision will never be prepared to confront it. By holding adequate measures to brand and to face adult to it, leaders denote that they unequivocally take to their heart a insurance and a contentment of a people for whom they are responsible.

The work of a Creator is positively good, though given a presentation of impiety in a universe during a emergence of history, tellurian beings and a whole of origination as good as civilizations, however achieved they competence become, live underneath a shade of death. To omit this fact is to call down on us times of disenchantment, even comfortless and sour times! In a thoroughfare mentioned above a clergyman of believe clearly urges us to be happy in a day of prosperity, though he also invites us to delicately cruise a days of adversity that disrupts a lives.


Undoubtedly, enthralled as we are in a multitude that extols a contentment of a body, element wealth and assent during all cost, we have been jarred to a really abyss of a beings by a border and a bulk of a immorality that, like a tsunami, has widespread so devastatingly and impressed some-more than half of a universe population! The whole of a professional, economic, political, cultural, and sports activities have been placed on standby mode and even come to a halt. In one word, a foundations of a universe and life perspective and of a civilization with a values, certainties and lifestyle are faltering. Our orientation and successes seem unexpected really fragile. What has happened, for instance, during this time of confinement, to a leisure of transformation and travel, not to discuss a leisure of enterprise? Has man, a bulk of all things, a ultimate stress point, after all built a palace of a civilization on sand?

The indicate is not to blink a achievements, a feats and a conquests of complicated times, though to give them their correct place, where they assistance us to improved perform a tellurian charge and a job to community. For a enterprises, however conspicuous or inventive they competence be, bear a outlines of a brokenness and can usually destroy when we find to build a promethean utopia! Since a Tower of Babel, tellurian story is dirty with a corpses of such chimeras.

What position should we afterwards adopt with regards to this remarkable and vicious predicament that has taken such a magnitude? Ecclesiastes gives us a few leads to illuminate a path.


First of all he reminds us that God is emperor and that zero escapes his ultimate will.  This of march doesn’t meant that we are not obliged for a approach in that we conduct origination and oversee a city, generally when we go by a harmful charge and are threatened by a serious upheaval, though that a Lord presides over a destiny of a universe and of a lives. We do not obey to predestine nor produce to a whims of chance, for God reigns and that creates all a difference! Even when we are underneath a sense that a Lord is silent, he is benefaction and he speaks to us but, as Elihu, a immature correct male of a Book of Job, says, we are not wakeful of it and do not take heed! God meets us in a cognisance of a beings and reveals himself to us and instructs us by dreams, visions and even in a midst of strident sufferings (Job 33.14-19). Such is a work of a Spirit who moves mysteriously in a abyss of a hearts in unanimity with a created and Incarnate believe of a celestial Father.


Secondly, and as a effect of what has only been said, Qohelet[1] invites us to consider, to compensate courtesy and to contemplate rather than to rush from existence or to minimize it, to offer processed solutions or to censor behind a believe of experts. To know or discern what is happening, in a light of a boundless word, is vicious when we are confronted with such thespian and capricious circumstances. Indeed, within a Christian worldview, understanding enlightens and nourishes a integrity, a care and a wish of a believer. When he prayed for a Philippians, Paul asked God that their “love competence everywhere some-more and more, with believe and all discernment, so that they competence approve all that is excellent.” (Ph. 1: 9, 10). In a universe of communication, understanding is a antidote standard excellence to untruth, misinformation and dissimulation. It is “the energy to tell a good from a bad, a genuine from a counterfeit, and to cite a good and a genuine to a bad and a counterfeit”.[2]  In other words, understanding combines believe with poignant unsentimental choices; a believe mouth-watering us and enabling us to weigh and to conclude a allegations of law while call us to know that we are partial of a genuine and shop-worn universe where a energy of immorality is during work. As we know a existence of a world, we can all a some-more live and act accordingly in a light of God’s wisdom. Discernment urges us to hunt for law regardless of a source since it alone enables us to conflict evils and scourges and to delayed down their progression. But, beware! Our confinement of truth, however genuine it competence be, is never exhaustive. Only a ultimate Vis-à-vis, a fountain of all believe in whom we trust, binds this prerogative!


Finally, Ecclesiastes invites us to expel a wholesome and pleasantly gawk on a vicious predicament of civilization we are experiencing, as we declare a fast and disconcerting fall of a complement of values and achievements that seemed so good established, permanent and meaningful. With this in mind we would like to share with we some thoughts as we, in France, expect with some stress a finish of dual months of confinement:

  • The time has come for us to redefine a foundations of a faith and a priorities. In further to a personal attribute with a Lord, however vicious it competence be, are we prepared to take partial in a life and affairs of a city in response to a informative charge a Lord gave us in creation? Admittedly, we are not of a world, though we are in a world. Our faith is not singular to a private globe of a lives since a Word of God also sheds light on a open sphere. It is a avocation to face a hurdles of a time and to know how boundless believe enlightens them, holding as examples Joseph in Egypt, Daniel in Babylon, Esther in Persia and a early Church within a Roman Empire. It is easy to get held adult in a comfort of a contentment to a wreckage of a courteous hearing of a culture, of a lifestyle and of an transformation that competence even trigger opposition. Recently we saw again a film “Les Misérables” by Tom Hooper, formed on a novel of Victor Hugo, where God is clearly benefaction in a life of a city. As we reflected on a film and a benefaction epidemic, we was struck, some 200 years after (at slightest in France), by a almost deficiency of a Christian voice on a radio programs and radio stations traffic with this vicious crisis! God, a Churches, a Christian vicious estimation of a conditions and testimony have turn mostly considerate in a ultramodern society. Secularization carrying limited Christians to a private sphere, will it now obstruct them to clandestinity?[3]
  • The widespread open torrent of artistic imagination and munificence as demonstrated towards a population, quite towards a victims of a epidemic, to a aged people, to a weakest and to a underprivileged, paint one of a many poignant facilities of this inhabitant trial. A identical gesticulate of oneness was voiced in a open of 2019 when glow severely shop-worn Notre-Dame de Paris. Such expressions of artistic charity are traces of common beauty and a slow footprints a loss Christian faith has left on a polite societies. As Luc Ferry, a contemporary dubious French philosopher maintains, one of a vicious contributions of a Christian faith has been to raise a adore of one’s neighbor, a counterpart picture of a Creator’s adore for his creatures. Consciously or unconsciously, a contemporaries are still desirous by this long-standing informative heritage. It is a probable and earnest assembly indicate in a enterprise to share a Gospel with a peers.

Such a munificence and creativity offer a distinguished contrariety with a miss of credentials and a loath of a domestic and open health authorities of a country, as good a petty-squabbling within a advisory systematic legislature and among a spreading illness specialists. Apart from a few exceptions their tongue and actions exhibit grey areas that beget many unanswered questions…! However this should not forestall us from praying for a authorities as they find to conduct this vicious charitable and mercantile crisis, where all seems to trip between their fingers. As they face such tough issues, they also need believe and discernment!

  • The remarkable coming of calamities and hardships is mostly a salubrious wake-up call and triggers a vicious soul-searching process. In a really midst of such trials and sufferings, that have no apparent or apparent value in and of themselves, a Lord is during work as he speaks to us to pierce us closer to himself. He presses us, we who are vital in a shade of death, to a radical change of mind, to turn unwavering of and acknowledge a fragility, a misery, to find again a trail to humility, of life and of hope. Indeed as St Augustine says so well, “… we (God) have done us for yourself, and a heart is nervous until it rests in you”.[4] This sold work of a Lord brings to mind a tragedy of a outcast a people of Judah experienced. After carrying recalled, by a auspicious word of Jeremiah a disaster that a dishonest and idol-worshiping people had brought on themselves, a Lord declares his organisation goal to revive his covenant, to accumulate his people and to have them sojourn firmly in their homeland: “I will glory in doing them good, and we will confidently plant them in this land with all my heart and all my soul” (Jeremiah 32:41, NIV).


Such deeply relocating adore and grace, issuing out of a really heart of God, have been entirely suggested in Jesus-Christ, in his life, genocide on a cranky and stately resurrection. The Son of God is hereafter a go-between and a solicitor with a Father. The Spirit of believe while vocalization to a hearts convinces us of a amatory affability of a Lord. Yes, as Ecclesiastes has pronounced so well, a Lord has wrapped adult a destiny in mystery, though we are not uneasy nor but hope, for it is dark in God, in his love, stronger than any plague, than even genocide itself. Let us never forget, a integrity and a fidelity of a Lord pierce faster and improved than a coronavirus. The small and splendid light during a finish of a hovel that kindles a wish is not a mirage!




[1] The Hebrew name of Ecclesiastes

[2] Often attributed to Samuel Johnson, a famous 18th Century English writer, narrator and moralist, this selection was in fact created by C. G. Osgood as a partial of a 1917 prologue to James Boswells “Life of Samuel Johnson” (Samuel Johnson’s autobiography).


[3]   Since a essay of these thoughts a French Constitutional justice ruled that a supervision contingency lift a sweeping anathema on meetings during places of ceremony imposed as partial of a measures to fight a coronavirus.

[4] Confessions, Book I, i (I). Translation by Henry Chadwick

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