To: All PCP Ministers, Pastors, elders and local churches

Pursuant to the proposed budget which was presented by the Finance Committee and approved by the body (16th Stated Meeting of the GAPCP). This committee therefore reminds every local church and members about the collection of the contributions of five hundred pesos (local church annually)  and ten pesos (P10.00)  monthly per-member contribution. Five hundred pesos (P500.00 month ) shall be collected from Pastors and Elders.

We hope that you will  take part in sharing the burden for our Denomination and for the service of our Master.

In Christ Service,

Rev. Nelson M. Carillo

Chairman Finance Committee


Chairman : Rev. Nelson Carillo

Secretary :Ferdinand Lorenzana

Members :              Rev. Nelson Dangan

Rev. Edgar Adra                                      Rev. Bong Santos

Rev. Gil delas Armas                              Rev. Jeremiah Diawa