The Presbyterian Church of the Philippines is an evangelical, Bible-based, Reformed denomination in the Philippines. The first presbytery was organized on June 27, 1987. Since then, PCP has been a growing denomination with 9 Presbyteries and more than 287 local congregations all over the Philippines. The General Assembly was organized in September, 1996.

PCP adheres to the historic Reformed Faith, particularly the Westminster Confession and the Shorter and Larger Catechisms as faithful summary and accurate interpretation of the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.


Moreover, We embrace the five Solas of the Reformation:

Sola Scriptura – Scripture Alone
Sola Fide – Faith Alone
Sola Gratia – Grace Alone
Solus Christus – Christ Alone
Soli Deo Gloria – To God Alone Be the Glory

GAPCP is member of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches. Internationally, we are part of the World Reformed Fellowship. We seek to establish fraternal relationship with other Reformed denominations and bodies.


Standing Committees and Presbyteries